Lists and Data Services
List Services
When comparing the relative importance of the audience, the offer, the package and the copy, a Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study reports that at least 50% of the results of a campaign are due to the audience. With that in mind, Beacon can select the optimal consumer or business list for your needs.
Customer Profiling
The most valuable asset that many companies have is their customer base. However, not all customers are equally valuable to you. On average, Beacon Marketing Group has found that 22% of clients' customers account for 75% of their revenue. We help you identify the characteristics of your best customers so you can find others just like them.
Marketing Database
Most clients lack the time, knowledge or tools to gather and analyze customer and prospect data that may exist in several different locations throughout their organization. Beacon has helped our clients reduce marketing costs, increase response rates, reduce time-to-market and find new target niches by pulling all of this information into one marketing database for analysis.