Monday, December 28, 2015

TV is Still King, but Internet is Closing Fast!

New U.S. ad spending forecast data shows that while TV advertising expenditures continue to rise, Internet advertising may take over the leadership spot in the next few years.

Marketers in the U.S. now spend $421 billion annually, or $1,298 per person. Of that total, a little less than half is spent in major advertising, media with the rest spread among sales promotion, mail, telemarketing, etc.  I came across this interesting new media data from Advertising Age last week while doing industry research for my Advertising class.  According to Ad Age’s 2016 Marketing Fact Pack, total major media in 2016 is expected to be $189.8 billion.  Television is still king with spending expected to be $67.1 billion, followed by Internet media at $59.7 billion.

Since 2010, total major media spending will be up by about 25%, with the largest gains coming from Internet media.  The biggest losers are print media with Newspaper being hardest hit, followed by magazines.  Radio, was supposed to die after the 1940’s when television first came out, right? Radio is still alive and kicking seventy years later.

Source:  ZenithOptimedia

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