Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quantifying the Value of a Facebook Fan

I recently came across an interesting article in Advertising Age which quoted a joint study by ComScore and Facebook.  The study stated that brand posts actually reach more friends-of-fans, than fans itself which shows how much leverage social media can really have.  To use the example highlighted in the article, a Starbucks post to its fan page in May reached about 6.5 million of its 24 million fans.  An additional 11 million people were reached by fans "liking" or commenting on the post - these were the friends-of-fans.  Ad Age noted that the 17.5 million "reached" by the Starbuck's post didn't go to the Starbucks brand page, but saw the activity in the form of a news feed or friend's profile view.  Still, a tremendous result and that combined reach of fans and friends-of-fans equates to 8% of total U.S. internet users -- at zero-cost!   The link to the article is below:


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July 26. 2011 20:52

This is very interesting. I have actually attended a couple webinars that back this up. People who "like" a page very rarely actually go to the page. They interact with the page's post through their news feed. However, due to edge rank, if a fan of a page does not ever interact with that page in the form or commenting, liking, sharing, etc., then that page will not show up as frequently in their news feed. But if someone does interact, all of their friends will see this on their news feeds creating a ripple effect.


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