Saturday, September 6, 2014

Online Delivery Business Heating Up - The Post Office Comes To Life

I usually look for an interesting and timely news item to use at the beginning of the semester for my marketing classes.  This fall it was easy.  The September 5th Wall Street Journal had two articles on page 2 of the Marketplace section that spoke about internet order shipping.  Usually this is the type of information that would generate a a yawn and would get passed over but the implications were startling.The USPS is offering discounts and price cuts to compete with UPS and FEDEX for delivery of online orders.  According to the WSJ, it now only costs $7.40 to send a ten-pound item within 500 miles.  That's less than the $9.86 base rate charged by UPS and FEDEX.The second article said that the Post Office and Amazon are partnering on home food delivery with Amazon during the graveyard shift.  If this works, what a great opportunty!    
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